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Singer-Songwriter | Actress | Coach


Raquel Kiaraa Featured in
Rolling Stone & Billboard Magazine

My Life

Redefining Power in Music

Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of Raquel Kiaraa, the dynamic singer-songwriter whose newest single, "Swim in Our Ocean," is set to make waves on June 28th. With its evocative lyrics and captivating melody, this track promises to resonate deeply, showcasing Raquel's unparalleled creativity and passion. 



But this is just the beginning. 



Raquel is set to release her highly anticipated second album this fall, marking a monumental milestone three years in the making. During this time, she has been tirelessly honing her craft, expanding her business empire, and embracing the transformative journey of motherhood.



Raquel's story is nothing short of extraordinary. She learned to sing and play the piano at 32 in 2018, and by 2019, her unyielding determination had turned dreams into reality, leading to sold-out performances and a flourishing music career. She poured her soul into writing every lyric and creating her debut 2021 album, 'Defying Odds, ' all while stepping into the role of a mother. Her journey is a testament to relentless hard work and perseverance, inspiring countless others to chase their dreams.



Raquel's past singles and music videos, such as "Love to the Moon," "Dear Jesus," and "Release Me," have already cemented her status as a groundbreaking artist. Her previous work, including the groovy love song "We Know" and the sensual, pulsing pop track "Love Got Me Sick," further established her as a fresh, innovative force in the pop music scene. Her genre-defying songs are vivid vignettes of modern life, earning global accolades and placements on top streaming playlists and international radio stations. Notably, "Love to the Moon" has been featured in prominent stores like Natan (Belgium), McDonald's (Switzerland), Shakeaway (UK), and Helly Hansen (Norway).



Raquel's ascent has not gone unnoticed. Features in renowned publications such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, Wonderland, Clash, iHeart and Exclaim herald her as a singer-songwriter on the rise. Her music is here to occupy space and claim her throne as a profound songwriter with a commanding presence.



Beyond her musical prowess, Raquel is a beacon of inspiration, a successful entrepreneur, and a dedicated coach, inspiring the lives of many women. Her influence extends through her innovative app, "Confidence by Raquel," which will be released this year. This app reflects her unwavering commitment to empowering other women to pursue their goals confidently. 



Raquel Kiaraa is not just an artist but a force of nature, embodying empowerment, inspiration, and resilience.



Join her on this epic journey and get ready to be inspired by her incredible story and powerful music. The world is about to witness the extraordinary rise of Raquel Kiaraa, a true testament to the power of defying odds and embracing one's power.

The Poet

The Singer-Songwriter

What the critics have said


"Cut straight from her album Defying Odds, the song is soul-baring at its core as the artist’s haunting vocal tone and vulnerable lyricism culminate in a track sure to move those who listen to it. 

Accompanied by a captivating music video in which Raquel serenades her viewers, the track becomes all the more tear-jerking in nature."


"Revealing her fearless attitude with the song, the lyrics are junctioned to hit every core and feeling.

The artist’s musical journey has been a roller coaster of emotions with every drop,

and this latest track is just the perfect addition to it."


"A sensual, pulsing pop track, "Love Got Me Sick" follows previous singles

"Dear Jesus," "We Know," "Love to the Moon" and "Release Me."

It's an ode to the all-consuming nature of love — fits of passion that shed their skin in the raw power of Kiaraa's vocal delivery."


"From the cage, all the way to her cages and make-up, the video perfectly captures what she's trying to say

as evidenced by the inclusion of the snake, which symbolizes the idea of not realizing the person you love might be a snake as well."


"Evading pop archetypes with her soulful and poetic lyricism, Raquel Kiaraa is living proof that with enough determination and resiliency, anything is possible. 

Well on her way to becoming a radio-ready household name, Raquel Kiaraa is bound to swoon any listener with her stories of love, loss, and redemption."

Buzz LA


"In many ways, Raquel redefines the true meaning of “entertainment”, with her fingerprints being all over her work, from the visuals to the production and songwriting. 

Hypnotizing audiences with her sultry aesthetics, her quintessentially feminine and deep nature bursts fire on “Love Got Me Sick”’ steamy visuals, capturing her at her most inspired self."

Very Bad Magazine


"Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Raquel Kiaraa releases the visuals for her single “Sweet Memory,” a track that fully showcases her artistry and sophisticated style, off her debut album Defying Odds. 

The modern-day chanteuse is incredible in this new song, her powerful voice taking ups and downs that transmit the emotionality of the lyrics."


"Her faith, strength, maturity, and clairvoyant artistic vision to create timeless songs like “Dear Jesus”

and “Release Me” will undoubtedly secure her a place among tomorrow’s prominent pop singer-songwriters."

Nuevo Culture

"Her vocal performance beautifully conveys the full spectrum of human emotions, transforming poetry into music,

an approach in the footsteps of her mentor, the iconic Leonard Cohen."

Honk Magazine

"Release Me” is yet another example of Kiaraa’s profound vision when it comes to songwriting and music making."

Honk Magazine

"With an ever-so-gently repeated hook “release me,” listeners will be driven to a complete state of seclusion and peace."

Vents Magazine

“We Know” parades yet another aspect of Raquel Kiaraa’s versatility.

While the track may be realized as having a lighter vibe than her past songs,

the artist still preached our unspoken feelings of love, hope, and unity with extraordinary refinement. "

Groovy Tracks


"Raquel Kiaraa is almost intimidatingly impressive…an inspiring piece about perseverance and the unrelenting power of the human soul,

even at its lowest points and I can’t recommend it enough."


“...a beautiful anthem...Wonderfully performed, mixed, and mastered to perfection creating a distinct sense of atmosphere and intimacy."


“…something beautiful that will connect with many... a god-given natural talent…

Kiaraa has a very clear vision of her future, and she’s writing it."



“….a song full of rich emotional inner and outer dialogue from a woman singing from the depths of her heart...

The production is rich and gorgeous and refreshingly modern and Raquel’s voice as mentioned earlier is just fantastic especially with the chorus and its passage of “Do you hear me, do you care” are just spine-chillingly good…”


..."Dear Jesus” is joyful and uplifting in the traditional sense. In a nontraditional way,

“Dear Jesus” leaves all the barriers at the door – all music fans are welcomed.”


“...a moving pop track with stirring piano stretches and long-lasting vocals.

Kiaraa is a gentle force, a beam of light in a music world focused on staying in the shadows’ darkness.”


"Filled with compassionate vocals and heartfelt prose,

“Dear Jesus” is an anthem to the downtrodden, the forgotten and the listeners that feel invisible.”


“ of the year’s most beautiful and emotionally rich tracks...“Dear Jesus” is a letter to the universe,

a plea most high, for strength and guidance. Listeners of all faith and creed will find Kiaraa’s song divine. “


““Dear Jesus” is poetry in motion and a spellbinding song by any measure.”


"A beautiful example of prayer...Raquel has such an amazing voice! The track is well created and the song is very accessible.


What the critics have said about ‘Love To The Moon’…
"Smoky and melodically appealing from multiple angles…it’s quite the find indeed.”

“...incredibly charming...her method of attack and what it yields are terrific…"

“ extremely talented musician, who already has her music playing in several countries, she captivates everyone with her classic Jazz style…”

“...its retro stylization of this singer’s harmony with the band is as welcome today as it will be one hundred years from now...this is a rare occasion on which the subject lives up to the buzz...there isn’t a spot of substance to this piece that doesn’t ache with charisma and honesty." 

"Incredibly melodic...bold and colourful in the right ways... Kiaraa has a real shot at becoming an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.”
“...a rich talent artist everybody needs to get curious about this month."
“This is a songstress with immense authenticity in her debut that I believe warrants a second look in the future. ...Keep your eye on this one."
"Modern, multi-talented and unmistakably up-to-date, Raquel Kiaraa is destined to grow, and you need to make this journey with her. The artist mixes tones of pop with jazz and creates a unique and personal art. Check out her new release "Love to the Moon".
“...worthy of applause..this is the gal to go see." 

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