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Raquel Kiaraa

Signer-Songwriter | Actress | Coach


I, Rise

Raquel Kiaraa is a modern-day chanteuse who defies genre with musical dexterity. She gave wings to her music in 2018, having never sung or played an instrument prior. "At 32, I learned how to sing and play the piano so that I could transform my poetry into music, the same age as my muse/role model, Leonard Cohen, when he began making music," she shares. Love, loss, hopelessness, and redemption weave seamlessly throughout her deceptively simple yet soulful lyrics.   


Raquel's voice has been compared to Grace Potter, Sia and Enya. Her energy, showmanship and performance presence have been inspired by the talented Lady Gaga, Elton John and Cher, curating her unique stage costumes that command her presence to be felt and known.   


By 2019, Raquel was motivated and determined enough turn her goals into reality. By simply believing in the power of her music, she assembled a band of accomplished musicians. After only two rehearsals, some vocal lessons and music sheets for 13 original songs, Raquel produced two sold-out 250+-seater performances, selling her tickets and running her publicity single-handedly. 


But nothing has come without a cost for Raquel; there were many lows in her life, particularly an athletic career thwarted by an injury. But as a young, tall, awkward teen, she emerged into adulthood with startling poise and glamour, believing that fear would never be her leader. On the way to becoming, Raquel wrote her feelings into her journal. Words, stories, and observations in life were etched into the pages of what would one day be released to the world as lyrics to her hauntingly beautiful songs.   


Raquel's debut single, "Scorpio," released in the fall of 2020, was instantly featured on international radio playlists worldwide, including France, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Ireland, the U.K. and more. As well airing from coast to coast across the U.S. An opportunity for a feature film role also came along and, not one to pass up a challenge, Raquel took to the screen naturally. The Canadian-made Hell or Tide Water (now available on Amazon Prime, Apple T.V., The Fantasy Network and Roku) resulted in an offer for Raquel to be the leading lady once again in the upcoming sequel.


No stranger to determination and grit, Raquel is also a qualified trainer and coach to a host of athletes. "One cannot rise without lifting others." is her mantra and the solid philosophy behind her coaching. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Raquel pushes boundaries both vocally and physically. Striving to be the best at whatever she puts her mind to (coach, songwriter, vocalist, actor) with skills still yet to be realized, she strongly believes in giving back, including philanthropy and mentoring young women through self-image and self-love coaching.   


At once beautiful and ferocious, with elements spanning the last fifty years of popular music, Raquel's music sounds unmistakably modern and fresh. Every song is a genre-defying vignette of life in the twenty-first century, as seen through her eyes. Her most recent singles, "Love to the Moon" and "Dear Jesus," received accolades from around the world as well as placements on numerous streaming playlists and international radio stations and programs. "Love to the Moon" received in-store placements playing out in the following brands:



• Natan (Belgium)


• Mcdonalds (Switzerland)


• Shakeaway (UK) 


• Helly Hansen (Norway)



Raquel's latest release, 'Dear Jesus', undoubtedly delivers, weaving a tapestry of belief in the ultimate goodness of human companionship. 'Dear Jesus' is a song for everyone, the soul searcher, sinner, seeker, and all who have experienced the night of the soul - Raquel projects on an emotional level rarely found in the pop music scene. Raw and soulful, she pleas to feel the compassion of the universe. 'Dear Jesus' evokes the hunger for a sign that something larger than us can ease this pain of getting by in this life.


Her upcoming single, "Release Me," promises more of the same. A song that was written about the depression and darkness she has worked through for many years. Many of us will relate to this song as we move through a season of extreme isolation and loneliness. We can feel the collective force of humanity asking to be released from these dark times we are all facing. 


Raquel has already established herself as an artist to listen to until the last note in only a short time. Modern and unmistakably fresh, Raquel Kiaraa is destined to rise, and you want to be on that journey with her.


The Singer-Songwriter

Scorpio Single
Scorpio Single



What the critics have said about ‘Dear Jesus’



"Raquel Kiaraa is almost intimidatingly impressive…an inspiring piece about perseverance and the unrelenting power of the human soul, even at its lowest points and I can’t recommend it enough."




“...a beautiful anthem...Wonderfully performed, mixed, and mastered to perfection creating a distinct sense of atmosphere and intimacy."




“…something beautiful that will connect with many... a god-given natural talent…Kiaraa has a very clear vision of her future, and she’s writing it."




“….a song full of rich emotional complexity...an inner and outer dialogue from a woman singing from the depths of her heart...The production is rich and gorgeous and refreshingly modern and Raquel’s voice as mentioned earlier is just fantastic especially with the chorus and its passage of “Do you hear me, do you care” are just spine-chillingly good…”



..."Dear Jesus” is joyful and uplifting in the traditional sense. In a nontraditional way, “Dear Jesus” leaves all the barriers at the door – all music fans are welcomed.”




“...a moving pop track with stirring piano stretches and long-lasting vocals. Kiaraa is a gentle force, a beam of light in a music world focused on staying in the shadows’ darkness.”



"Filled with compassionate vocals and heartfelt prose, “Dear Jesus” is an anthem to the downtrodden, the forgotten and the listeners that feel invisible.”



“...one of the year’s most beautiful and emotionally rich tracks...“Dear Jesus” is a letter to the universe, a plea most high, for strength and guidance. Listeners of all faith and creed will find Kiaraa’s song divine. “


““Dear Jesus” is poetry in motion and a spellbinding song by any measure.”



"A beautiful example of prayer...Raquel has such an amazing voice! The track is well created and the song is very accessible.


What the critics have said about ‘Love To The Moon’…
"Smoky and melodically appealing from multiple angles…it’s quite the find indeed.”


“...incredibly charming...her method of attack and what it yields are terrific…"

“...an extremely talented musician, who already has her music playing in several countries, she captivates everyone with her classic Jazz style…”

“...its retro stylization of this singer’s harmony with the band is as welcome today as it will be one hundred years from now...this is a rare occasion on which the subject lives up to the buzz...there isn’t a spot of substance to this piece that doesn’t ache with charisma and honesty." 

"Incredibly melodic...bold and colourful in the right ways... Kiaraa has a real shot at becoming an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.”

“...a rich talent ...an artist everybody needs to get curious about this month."
“This is a songstress with immense presence...an authenticity in her debut that I believe warrants a second look in the future. ...Keep your eye on this one."
"Modern, multi-talented and unmistakably up-to-date, Raquel Kiaraa is destined to grow, and you need to make this journey with her. The artist mixes tones of pop with jazz and creates a unique and personal art. Check out her new release "Love to the Moon".
“...worthy of applause..this is the gal to go see." 


The Coach



PURPOSE Coaching


A fierce guide for moving through challenges and fear to get straight to achieving your goals.

• Strengthen your voice • Develop your leader • Prioritizing your moves