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  • Raquel Kiaraa

✨ Enough is Enough ✊🏻

Our lives as women have been spent trying to uphold a standard, an imposed standard that needs to be recreated. Your purpose is your own, and your power is your own.

Let us strive towards stepping into our own individuality, our shape, our identity, our voice, our power, which is uniquely our own, which is our personal beautiful. However, we define, understand and allow it. We need to set our own standards for ourselves. Enough is enough.

WE are Enough.

My story. In my teens, I struggled with being thin, being too boney, lanky, not gaining weight and feeling less feminine because I didn’t’ have breasts or an ‘ideal woman’ shape until my twenties.

People asked me if I was bulimic.

Real women have curves, they said.

Real women aren’t a size two, they said.

Don’t worry, you’ll grow into yourself one day. In my early twenties, I compared myself to everyone. I wanted to be anything but myself. Enough is enough. I AM Enough.

We ALL have our stories as women.


I never felt more at home in my skin than when quieting the outside noise and focussing on my power. I choose to wear makeup and choose not to, both allow me the space to feel beautiful. I have scars, cellulite and stretch marks throughout my body, and I am working on embracing it. However you choose to move into your power, do it.

Far too long have we struggled with being enough – but enough for who? Why are we allowing anyone to impose their story on us? Would we allow that for our children? Then why ourselves? Where is the line to make enough - enough.

The only standard of beauty is the one we allow to be imprinted in our lives. We own the mental, physical and spiritual rights to who we are and we can choose to embrace and celebrate ourselves more. Working on yourself doesn’t make you unhappy with who you are; rather, it’s empowering because you recognize you are worth the time to invest in. You are committing to a lifelong relationship with you.

I am embracing my woman.

I am choosing HER.

I will love, appreciate and accept you.

Enough is enough. I AM Enough.

I ask you to join me.

Let us move into womanhood lovingly.

Let us own our power.

Enough is enough. WE are Enough

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