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Pregnancy Diaries - Entry One

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

1 in every 7 women deals with depression during pregnancy.

I am one of those women.

I experience it daily.

But depression goes far beyond this singular experience. I know it affects all of us on so many different levels.

Not every day is sunshine and roses for me. Being rooted in empowering people through goals, fashion and fitness have always been important to me. Being rooted in my darkness is very much too. I understand and connect with you. I share scars, flaws & failures, both physically and mentally. I am insecure and fearful. Our journey may be different, but I have danced with the same devils. The darkness has been the most humbling teacher of my life.

I choose to smile because it aligns me with how I want to affect others. I dress up because taking care of myself has been a conscience practice into loving myself. I workout because I’ve committed to healing and taking care of myself both emotionally and physically. I’m constantly working to connect to my source and grow into my spiritual awareness because my higher self asks for it.

But some days I’m really struggling. There are some dark heavy days. Sometimes it’s paralyzing.

Pregnancy has been a whole new level of transformation. I have hit some of my greatest highs and greatest lows. I know wherever you are as a person, and whoever you are in life, this resonates with you too - pregnancy or not. We can find a million excuses why we can’t take care of ourselves, but at the end of the day, we will only become a compilation of sufferings through all those blocks we continue to create and push away from. Your mental and physical health are ALWAYS a priority.

Writing my posts are about creating awareness and using my personal experiences to allow a space for people to feel ok with vulnerability. It’s ok to communicate. It’s ok to lean on those you love for support. It has been both my Achilles heel and my daily practice. I’ve struggled with it constantly. Empowering others starts with communication, owning our voices, owning our words and using our platforms as a way to both heal and inspire one another.

I love you, keep empowering yourself my friends xx

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