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Smile, Baby!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Just trying to change the world one smile at a time.

When I started to look closer within at how and what I had control over, I realized that I have the power to shape someone’s day just by the actions I choose.

A simple smile can go a long way in someone’s life. A small acts of kindness, a genuine compliment or just letting someone know you care can make all the difference in the world to a person. It may be the simple act of acknowledging someones existence in the streets. Smiling holds great power in how we can choose to make an impact in this world. I’ve started to be more accountable to my body language and even how I carry myself in public. I’ve purposefully began practicing many of these actions and have seen an immediate difference in how it impacts others.

We are all working through our own personal challenges, and we have our own heaviness that we manage through daily. What we can choose to do is find a balance through our challenges and owning our power. This balance can be in giving back into our own energy by caring, loving and nurturing our spirit self more. Whether thats through meditation, the physical components of working out or taking a day to be within ourselves can all be essential to what we input and what we can output. Our power to give to others will continue to grow as we give back into our own mind, body and soul. Moving through the spaces of challenge and allowing yourself to be in them is all a part of each of our growths. Focussed healing will allow us to project a genuine smile that is from a place of love and wanting to do our part to help heal another human being. When we become more accountable to our own healing we can become more accountable to helping others heal. Our greatest ownership into our power is realizing that we can be a difference maker, we can change not only the energy we create inside but the habits we are creating each day. Those habits hold great rippling effects to making waves of change in others lives.

Give love, feed into yourself to feed out into the world, spread love, be kind, empower our fellow human and continue to create awareness in your hearts & minds!

You are the power, I am the power, WE are the power to empower ourselves & others! 

Smile baby :)

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